How to Uninstall McAfee on Access Scanner

Being a product of Virus Scan Security Suite, McAfee On Access Scanner is exclusively made for Windows 7 and Vista. This scanner lets you go through the documents while accessing them on the computer system. It means the service will keep running in the background while the system is running. But this is not suitable with all and can create conflicts with several applications. You can temporarily disable the On Access scanner for troubleshooting the software conflict. You can also uninstall it completely as well. Removing the On Access can free up the resources and will prevent any kind of conflicts. It only adds to the protection if keep running.

How to Disable the Scanner:

  1. Go to Start button of Windows and click on Programs. For opening the console select McAfee Virus Scan Console.
  2. Now tap on Access Protection. A screen will appear.
  3. Next to Prevent McAfee Service from Being Stopped option, unmarks the check box.
  4. Tap on OK button after clicking Apply button. Then close the console application.
  5. In the Windows system tray right click on the McAfee icon available at the bottom right corner. You will see McAfee context menu.
  6. The scanner will be disabled once you click on the Disable On Access Scan option.

How to Uninstall the Scanner:

  1. Go to Windows Start Control Panel Programs.
  2. In the Programs section click on Uninstall a Program link.
  3. At the top of the navigation bar click on Uninstall/ Change after selecting the McAfee On Access Scanner option. You will see Uninstall confirmation box.
  4. For confirming the removal select Yes. The program will be uninstalled. A notification message will be displayed once the removal is finished. Then tap on OK.
    It will be uninstalled.

Call McAfee Support Australia for any issue with any of the above steps at +61-283206056. If you are facing any issue while following any of the above steps then get in touch with the team of professionals who will guide you through the process by dialing McAfee Customer Support Number +61-283173557. You can also discuss your issues and concerns even by dropping an email or via live chat as we are here to help you 24/7.

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A Brief on McAfee Antivirus Email Scan Related Issues & Troubleshoot Steps

To get your PCs and laptops free from malicious virus, must use the foremost reliable antivirus software package. McAfee Antivirus is one among the premium software package against malware within the industry that is foremost trustworthy in the market. Apart from the detection and removal of malware, spyware, and Trojan horses, the antivirus unit can handle a variety of associated functions post the installation of the software package. It also provides safety against interference spam such as corrupt emails and ensures that the PC speed remains high. However, to perform its functions properly, the software package must be installed in with success. Just in case it’s not, there are a variety of issues which may hinder your PC performance.

Here We will Discuss Email Scan Related Issues

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Start the process by memory dumps for lotus processing when troubleshooting lotus notes 8.5.2 and vse for email scan.
  1. Second, you need to disable the VSE on delivery email scanner before & after installation of antivirus using command-line options via ePO console interface.
  1. For the common error you need to check whether C:\Program Files\McAfee\ VirusScan Enterprise\Emalscan.dll is installed in your system or not.
  1. Next, to resolve the email error when opening Outlook you need to click on C:\Prog Files\Mcafee. com\vso\outscan.dll could not be found to check for any further problem.
  1. The errors when opening an existing or a new email, make sure to check for Custom UI Runtime Error in McAfee E-mail Scan Add-in error.

When the process is done, it’ll show a message McAfee Virus Scan Setup has completed with success. You’ll be able to either like to update your McAfee antivirus scan or run a full or custom virus scan. Or, you’ll be able to additionally run each task at the same time just in case you are doing, the update task can run initial so the scan task.

Final Words

In the end, finish all the tasks and complete the McAfee antivirus setup disk. Restart your system. When done, open your McAfee antivirus program check whether or not it’s operating fine or not. If it is continuous to have errors when running the program, seek for a McAfee technical support or McAfee product support service or dial +61-283173557 for support service.

Why McAfee Antivirus is the Choice of Millions of Users


The top features that make the McAfee Antivirus a better choice above other programs:

  1. Improved security features
  2. Enhanced graphical user interface
  3. Real-time checking
  4. Email security is more secure in the latest version
  5. Better integration of firewall software

Additional Features of This Antivirus

Aside these points, Antivirus come with the unique configuration that makes it the most successful software, featuring an extremely convenient additions and powerful device. Implementing this software system into the enterprise can be good for the users in many ways because of these properties. Using the McAfee antivirus is highly beneficial for your PC devices and some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Protect up to five devices against the latest viruses, malware and online threats with one security solution.
  • Easily control your secure devices from your McAfee dashboard.

Buying McAfee Antivirus

You can purchase this security software antivirus from the website or a McAfee-authorized one. Don’t forget to review the features and system requirements of your McAfee malware protection if you need to and check the price as well to see if it fits into your pocket or not.

The moment you’re done, click on the buy option and fill in the necessary details like email address and the function of payment as well. When the transaction has completed, note down your order details like the quantity of licenses and product key etc. In another case of your browser, open up your email account and check whether you have received a download hyperlink or not.

McAfee Technical Support

Similarly, for McAfee support services you can either directly contact to official support team of McAfee or you can contact McAfee support Number +61-283206056 to receive instant technical support from the highly experienced professionals. The final choice is yours, we can only suggest you only a few options, but be careful while making any choice as this could hamper your PC working.

How to Create a Bootable McAfee Rescue USB Disk?

McAfee is a popular antivirus program that has a boot disk aspect for restarting and scanning infected or damaged computers. It helps to remove all the dangerous virus software form your computer. When you use internet on your computer then the chances of virus become high because of the presences of numbers of defeated sites that may destroy your entire data and can make your PC slow. Once you install McAfee antivirus in your computer, you will become able to resist them and can secure your computer in an effective manner.  Along with this, to make the CD boot on a USB drive is not very tricky.


At McAfee support Australia, we have provided some steps to create a bootable McAfee rescue USB disk. These steps are carefully arranged, under the valuable direction of highly qualified technical experts.

Step 1. Start McAfee and click on “Tools,” then “Emergency CD

Step 2. Select “Operating System Installation CD,” then click “Next.”

Step 3. Insert your USB drives in a USB port.

Step 4. Select the USB drive from the list of drives.

Step 5. Click “Next” and your emergency USB will be created.

We have made these steps in a very simple language so the user will not face any difficulty while following them. But if in case the user will stuck on this then they can even contact on McAfee support Australia for any type of assistance. Our technical experts are always available on working days and at working hour for assisting our esteemed customers. Along with this, they hold immense experience in the respective area and ensure to fix the issue within the given time frame. Our main motive is to provide you an amazing browsing experience.

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